Holistic reproductive health is exactly what it sounds like, an exploration of all aspects of life when addressing a sexual or reproductive health issue. This includes examining health history, symptoms, lifestyle, eating habits, relationships, self-talk, etc… under the premise that everything is interconnected and influences each other.


    Perhaps it is not surprising that there is little money and research focused on gynecological issues that aren’t geared toward conception. This means that all too often, people are suffering from chronic conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, or debilitating, painful periods that impact the quality of their life. The standard medical approach is to offer pharmaceutical medications or surgery. Although these options may be necessary solutions for some, many are left craving something more. Someone to hear them, someone who can point them toward reliable resources or take the time to help them understand what is going on inside their bodies and what their options are.


    The methods I use are massage, castor oil packs, vaginal steams, nutritional and herbal remedies. I am also able to interpret lab results and collaborate with other health care professionals you may be working with.

    My clientele is broad. It’s multicultural, economically diverse, and consists of mostly female-identified folks in the 25 yr. – 55 yr. age range. I serve anyone from individuals who are interested in knowing more about their womb and how best to care for it, to folks who are at their wits end in dealing with some gynecological condition and are willing to “try anything”. I also serve people who don’t have wombs and have clients of various gender and sexual identities. The one common denominator that links all of the people I work with is a willingness to actively participate in their healing process.


    I am committed to offering accessible services by providing sliding scale-spaces and by providing education and resources with the goal of collective empowerment and to approach all who seek my help in the spirit of love and compassion. Further expansion of these core values is to come!